Cloud Solutions – Oracle Cloud ERP

The technological innovations we have witnessed in recent years, both at the telecommunications level and at the level of the base platforms, enable 21st Century companies to look at their information systems.

Nowadays it is already possible to move all of your business to the Cloud and take advantage of these evolutions:

  • Pay only for what you use

With our solution, do not make the whole investment head on and adjust your costs depending on the pace of growth of your business.

  • Stop worrying about IT

Leave to us the worries about system upgrades, certifications, backups, servers renewals, etc. Focus on your business.

  • Service quality

We commit to SLA’s that guarantee you the best quality of service

  • Predictability

Reduce the unpredictability of your Information Systems bill, through long-term contracts, with guaranteed services and prices.

Innovative Solution

The Oracle ERP Cloud solution in the cloud provides a new user experience, incorporating innovative features such as collaboration capabilities, contextual business intelligence, dashboards by function and mobile applications, as well as an innovative user interface and productivity.

Real-time reporting and drill-down capabilities increase efficiency and reduce decision time.