Cloud Consulting and Transformation, Managed Services, EXAS – Oracle Engineered Systems, Bases de Dados Oracle, MW Oracle – SOA, BPM, IDM e Integração, SQL Server, Desenvolvimento Aplicacional.

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Applications – Business Solutions

ERP – Financials, Manufacturing, Logistics, CX – Customer Experience, HCM – Human Capital Management, CM – Content Management, PLN – Planning and Control.

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Business Analytics

Profitability and Risk Managment, Enterprise Performance Management, Business Analytics, Data Management, Big Data.

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Software de Gestão de Rendibilidade Bancário

Módulo de Software para gestão de rendibilidade bancária, planeamento e controlo bancário, consolidação bancária e risco.

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Digital Security

Brand Protection, Data Protection, Identity and Access Management, Social Engineering, Next Generation Protection, Anti-phishing, vSOC (Soon)

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RGPD, DPO in a Box (Soon), Business Continuity Management, IT and Security Governance, People Side of Transformation

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Database, Support & HelpDesk,  Development and Application Maintenance, Functional, Analytics e Business Intelligence, Systems Administration e Platforms

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Revenda de Produtos de Tecnologia e Produtos Timestamp.

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