The Business Services Monitoring capability adds a business context to the monitoring of IT resources and helps the IT Team to proactively monitor the servers, applications, network services and ensures IT Operations have visibility on how IT resources impact the business applications.


Customer experience is the most important metric

Correctly evaluating user experience in online apps is challenging. Making business decisions based on user experience and profiles is vital. A tool to monitor user experience has become an essential part of any organization’s digital portfolio.


Digital Experience Dashboard


Ensuring customers have a good experience is one of the top priorities for any business, as it directly correlates with income. Digital Experience Monitoring will allow you to extract the required metrics to understand user journeys through your applications, user profiles and perceived experience.


End User Dashboard


User Journey


Our Digital Experience Monitoring is a complete solution that provides organizations the required tools to evaluate customer experience, the way customers interact with applications, what devices customers use, and evaluate application performance. This allows continued application tuning and improvement, to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.


User Experience Dashboard


Advanced analytics allow the retrieval of transaction data, like the value amount in shopping carts, or usernames, allowing for directed call-back campaigns for users affected by errors. Cross-referencing user errors with devices, browsers or mobile applications versions allows for directed application bug correction. User journey data allows for directed application development.


Our Solution Features:


The benefits of DEM:

Some of the benefits include:

  • Increased Sales and Revenue.
  • Improved Customer Experience.
  • User Data-driven Application Improvement.
  • Focused Application Development.
  • Targeted marketing and promotion campaigns.
  • Targeted application development.
  • Greater Innovation.
  • Reduced Development Costs.


Keep your customers close, even if you don’t see them.

Redefine the way you monitor your business

Timestamp:itm’s vision of the future of how organizations will control and monitor business delivery channels.
Multi-Channel Customer Experience combines a set of proven methodologies and technologies to deliver a solution providing full visibility into customer behaviour and satisfaction across all business channels.


What your company needs right now

The majority of institutions lack the ability to generate, gather and explore detailed data on what customers actually do.


Customer data is the single most important source of information to understand how to optimize business channels, as it provides answers to many questions, like:

  • Which channels and transactions are your customers using?
  • Where are they accessing these channels from?
  • What is affecting the performance of your business channels and customer’s experience?
  • Do customers feel that their banking experience is personalized for them?


Although customer behaviour is generally being analysed by the marketing teams, it is rarely used by IT to provide strategic direction to development, operations activities and priorities.



The Challenges we can help you overcome

Create a lasting relationship with your customers Understand your customers needs and expectations Provide meaningful information to business areas without the technical complexity Increase your brand reputation by proactively engaging with your customers Leverage your business with new financial systems to retain customers



• Measure service quality from a customer’s point of view
• Visibility into customer behaviour and trends
• Consultancy services to provide expertise on data


• Align IT operations with business priorities
• Simplify and automate IT Operations
• Ensure visibility over the entire service delivery chain
• Consultancy services to provide expertise on data





Different angles on which we act



Provides insight on the utilization patterns of customers, regarding usage, time of day, device type, customer segments and customer profile.
Find the most common errors users are getting when trying to do a transaction and alert specific areas within the organization – security for fraud attempts, marketing for insufficient funds, etc.



Provides granularity into customer channel usage by type, geographical location and validates customer channel adoption based on marketing activities




Provides cross-channel transaction and overall health and distribution for all transactions



Provides technical details to support IT initiatives to improve IT Services and Applications


The Benefits

  • Review marketing campaign results.
  • Review how social events impact user behavior.
  • Provide insight on poorly developed apps.
  • Identify the transactions with the most business errors.
  • Capture data on Customer Device or Datacenter.


Visualize, Isolate, Predict

Correctly assessing application’s performance is still one of the great challenges to organizations, as customer satisfaction is closely related to perceived application performance and responsiveness.


Application Dashboard


As businesses become more dependent of their customer facing applications or business driven applications, the capability of any organization to keep those critical applications running with optimal levels of performance and availability becomes the key to satisfactory end-user experience.


Application Flowmap


Our Application Performance Monitoring is a complete solution that provides any organization with the tools to ensure that applications run smoothly with satisfactory levels of speed and consistency thus ensuring a positive user experience and generating customer loyalty.




Our Solution Features:

Why is APM Important?

APM is important to you so that you can understand the behaviour of your application, detect problems before your users are impacted, quickly ascertain the root cause of issues, and thus rapidly resolve those issues. APM is an essential tool in the modern digitalized business toolbox.

Application Health Dashboards


The benefits of APM

Some of the benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Increased Sales and Revenue.
  • Improved Customer Experience.
  • Reduced MTTR.
  • Business Continuity.
  • Higher Productivity.
  • Decreased reliance on costly experts.
  • Greater Innovation.
  • Reduced Operational Costs.
  • Reduced Downtime.

User Experience Dashboard


Understand How your IT Works


Configuration management is one of the pillars for all support processes currently being operated by IT organizations. It is extremely demanding, since IT changes every minute and inventory still relies on manual reconciliation activities.

Stand-alone systems and typical inventory solutions lack the ability to create meaningful relations between logical and physical components in such a way that is understandable from both a technical and business point-of-view.

This condition led to the development of a new breed of platforms capable of acting as inventory, but building on that information to create a complex and interrelated set of devices and relations between one another. This concept, known as Discovery and Dependency mapping, promises to transform the way IT departments manage data and resources.

Either by interacting with target devices directly or integrating with existing applications, it is possible to create an integrated and dynamic view that represents physical devices, their logical components, and how they are connected to other devices.



The main features:

  • Agentless & very low processing overhead
  • Physical or logical segmentation of discovery settings
  • Built-in Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
  • Enrichment of discovery model, based on patterns
  • Advanced context visualization, based on views and perspectives
  • Granular security settings by user profile
  • Reporting and notification engine
  • Integration with Monitoring & Service Management platforms


The benefits you will get